Wednesday, July 29, 2009

and months have passed:

life hasn't been that 'OKAY THAT DRUNX' lately. i drink, but not to the degree it was before. until recently...

jamie has been working crazy long hours. i mean, she wasn't home until like 1am last night. so yes, 'OKAY THAT DRUNX'.

prime examples being the texts i sent last night...

to Corrie

1. Sorry, so drunk that i can NOT understand Final Fantasy. This means major problems 4reals.
2. Halo
4. Lololooo
5. That meant to say HALP notn
halo lokensome

yep, it looks just like that in my phone...

to Kevin

1. Drunh wizard nionskjne
2. Hoe anor tfat
3. Got ir gigglez
4. ISP address
5. Decide that
6. Decode infinity

And that's when jamie got home. All the nonsense texting stopped and no one else was harrassed.

- unknown amount of wine all day long

- flashes of recognition

- woke up wanting indian food and laughing

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

yay fire pit!

we bought a fire pit for our side yard yesterday! we had Adam bring over logs and we built... well, a fire. And then we all grilled out and got drunk. minus Adam, he ate Lee's Famous Chicken. ha.

- unknown amount of wine
- some amount of margarita

- did not blackout

- woke up and looked out the window to this dumb rain.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

canceled family dinner

made an old sicilian pasta sauce. was brilliant. watched movies. passed out.

- unknown amount of wine

- flashes of recognition

- terrible sleep. both of us tossed and turned all night.

Monday, May 11, 2009

... oops.

this blog has fallen to pieces. why? am i too busy? no. haha.

this is me telling myself that it is time to get back on this.

so last night? not much of a trainwreck. more like me and jamie watching movies and not drinking. like srsly. but i did have a few glasses of wine at the grandparents... what am i??? a grownup now???

- a few glasses of wine

- did NOT blackout

- woke up and made out w/jamie. maybe did it a little. who knows.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Wow. It has been forever. Jamie and I keep busy. Sorry, blog :(

But yeah yeah, been keeping up. Threw another Mansions&Bitches. Went incredible. Made out some more/Jamie. Still unemployed and laughing. Bought Serato Scratch Live today! Oh, and...



Mansions&Bitches will be playing this friday at Jamie and Kirk's Sequin Party, so come show your face and dance. Bitches.

- some amount of whiskey (finally drinking this again, who knows why i quit)
- unknown amount of wine

- flashes of recognition

- woke up with jamie kissing me goodbye before class <3 GAY

Monday, March 30, 2009



no drinks. all day. zero. nil. none.

on purpose.

i had spoke to jamie about my 'problem' and asked her how long she wanted me to live...

so i drank water and watched three documentaries with her.

- i drank nothing

- did not black out

- woke up happy, sober and with no hangover.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

bunk space

jamie and i went to yusef and kevin's show last night and it was pretty rad. then we drank way too much wine. this led to me driving and getting us LOST somehow. good thing iPhones have gps these days...

- unknown amount of wine
- some amount of vodka/oj

-blacked out

- woke up feeling like hell and making jamie take some gd vitamins so we don't get sick!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Kris turned 27!!!

We all went out to Brewhouse for Kris' bday and got smashed. Afterward, we came back to our apt and then continued the shenanigans. This is where Kris decided to get on Minda's shoulders and fell off, splitting his head open. I ran and broke my toe. It is now purple.

We are so awesome, right?

Happy birthday, Keestang.

- unknown amount of beer
- unknown amount of vodka/oj

- flashes of recognition

- woke up and pushed jamie around

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

100th BLOG POST!

so i made it to 100! how about that... someone want to pay me to drink and update? no. does anyone want to buy me a drink for this? maybe. am i going to continue drinking and updating? yes.

3 questions. a no. a maybe. a yes.

so yesterday, jamie and i went to devou park and spread out on a blanket in the sun. it was very enjoyable, due to the fact we took a ton of vodka/oj. oh, and the fact that i love her. ha. we spent the rest of the evening with kris and kat and crashed a bit early.

- unknown amount of vodka/oj
- 1 beer

- did not blackout

- woke up tangled in our blankets

Monday, March 23, 2009

sunny days in the parks

wow. i really need to get back on the wagon for this blog...

yesterday, we went up to stephen and claudia's with minda, evey and jacob. then we drank wine. a lot of wine. stephen and i did double shots of vodka at one point. all before 5pm. later, jamie had jesse and linda over. where we drank. more wine.

- unknown amount of wine
- double shot of vodka
- some amount of beer

- did not blackout

- woke up in sunshine w/jamie and the cat

Friday, March 20, 2009

it has been almost a week...

since my last post, and a bit has changed. yes, i have been drinking. but now with a girlfriend. ha. for some reason, she doesn't notice that she has been drinking everyday. but wait... that's the same thing kris said when we moved in together.

silly ppl.

- 4 glasses of wine
- unknown amount of vodka/oj

- did not blackout

- woke up w/jamie stealing all of the blankets. typical.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

i have no idea what to write:

fun food at jamies. drunk before i even ate. made caterpillars with tofu dogs. drank more.ended up at grammars. drank more? yes. jacob brought out a pinata and thye filled it with popcorn. we smashed the fuck out of it. went back to jamies. drank more. until 6am.

jamie: 'watch this guys. he's really strong.'

- unknown amount of wine
- unknown amount of PBR
- shots with jeremy
- who knows wtf else

- flashes of recognition

- no sleep. at all. zero again.

Friday, March 13, 2009

a tired day:

watched a lot of football. drank 2 liters of vodka/oj by 3pm. passed the fuck out. woke up at 5pm. watched more football with kris.

Man U for UEFA Champ + FA CUP!

- 2 liters of vodka/oj
- unknown amount of wine

- flashes of recognition

- woke up and turned FSC back on. thrilling. ha.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


went to jamies. drew a mountain with a castle on it. and a scuba diving cat. this drawing pretty much sums up what a jokebox last night was.

- unknown amount of wine
- 4 PBRs

- did not blackout

- sleep? if you want to count me going to bed at 8am this morning here.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

70deg/parks all day long/mean face

jamie and i spent the day at mt storm, ault park and then her front yard (if you can call that a yard). we spent zero time inside and all of it in the sunshine. running in circles, laying in the grass and at one point, throwing cherry juice all over. srsly.

whilst we were driving through hyde park on our way to ault, jamie looks at me and says 'we must go somewhere here.'

yeah, she got a 'wtf r u talking about???' look for that comment.

oh, and she also laughed in some womans face later in the day too. class act.

- 3 vodka/lemonade
- unknown amount of wine

- did not blackout

- woke up in a mess of pillows, some covering my face.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


went to jamies. made dinner for her and ashley. drank a lot of vodka. played football at UC at midnight. drank more vodka. drew pictures w/jamie. acted a gd fool.

Jamie: "All they do is sit on couches all day. I want to be a cat!'

- unknown amount of vodka

- blacked out

- woke up confused where i was at 4am. walked into a closet on accident. laid the f back down. srsly.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

72hr relationships.

this weekend was pretty brilliant. jacobs birthday. bad veins. bockfest. dmf. developed a 72hr relationship with someone from manhattan who kept my drinking in line by saying 'do NOT blackout, taylor'.

and i didn't blackout once this weekend. wtf, right? there were so many fucking amazing quotes (one clearly listed above), that it's hard to choose.

Adam B at the cookout trying to describe 'river' in catchphrase:
'it's long and wet!'... yeah.

Charlie in the car last night, observing a Argosy Casino billboard that had cars on it:
'Argosy Casino? let's go get some new cars guys. congratulations? 2 year lease? alright!'

Adam M describing me after a long Saturday morning/afternoon of getting smashed:
'Hi, my name is Taylor Grant. I behave well.'

- i drank a lot. of everything. but a lot of wine. duh.

- did not black out.

- woke up on floors/couches/beds/air mattresses. but slept about 7hrs the whole gd weekend.

au revoir for now, 72hrs...

Friday, March 6, 2009

dog parks for singles?

Like wtf? I went to the dog park with Fancy and we got fancy together. It's srsly like a singles mixer there. So dumb. 3 cases:

a) One girl told me she looked like the pug that won the dog show on tv.
My response: 'Yes, shes beautiful. Come on, Fancy.'

b) Another girl came up to me after I made the point to get away from all of that business. She proceeded to tell me she came over to me to talk b/c her dog was getting scared of others. And then wouldn't shut up. This is when I left.

c) Then on my way out? Some marshmallow bitch was like 'Is she growling or breathing?'
My response: 'She is breathing... come on, Fancy.'

Go to the dog park if you want to be harassed. Or take a friend that is the opposite sex and call them your significant other.

As far as drinking? I took it easy. On purpose. Crazy, right?

- a few glasses of wine
- 1 vodka/oj

- did not black out

- woke up happy!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

LOST and sock puppets and wine and jokes

corrie and i made sock puppets. then she said that LOST was keeping her form drinking. but this was the biggest lie ever. i watched her refill her wine glass a milli times and get totally wasted before the show was even over. girls...

- unknown amount of wine

- flashes of recognition

- woke up in my bed w/someone stealing ALL of the gd blankets

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

magic tricks and wine.

jamie and i looked for snuggies. some guy at walgreens said we will never find them. sold out. we had tacos that looked like faces, so whatevz.

but then we got drunk. and jamie did magic tricks:
From 2009-03-04

very impressive.

- unknown amount of wine

- flashes of recognition

- woke up @ 6am and srsly vomited. wtf?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

"at this point, i doubt your body ever has a chance to detox at all"

me : i used to use the word 'absolutely' too much in sentences... i have tried to end this. ha.
lu : nothing wrong with that word
lu : it's a good one
me : think of this: 'this is absolutely ridiculous.' 'you are absolutely ridiculous.' 'i cant believe what you said. its absolutely ridiculous.'
lu : i don't mind it
lu : it's hyperbolic
me : well then, this is perfect.
lu : absolutely perfect
me : this is being used in my blog

i spent all night on aim, drinking wine and acting a fool.

- unknown amount of wine

- flashes of recognition

- woke up with a very upset stomach

Monday, March 2, 2009

tangled web.

two different people. two different quotes:

a) "youre right, drinking all day every day is perfectly acceptable and respectable."
*i love when ppl say things like this. the sarcasm is practically drowning itself. in vodka.

b) "here's a good idea: hang out with me more."
*i like this idea the most out the lot i received about tolerance. i'll see you soon, button.

so after the bottle, i finally found my flask. and finished it. and it worked.

- way too much vodka than someone should consume. even i was surprised.
- some small amount of wine

- did not black out

- woke up with wall-e repeating itself on my computer due to me falling asleep with it on.


this is the first post that has nothing to do with the previous nights derailing, but as stated: this is an emergency.

i have drank an entire bottle of vodka today. i am not 'that' drunk. i'm sitting here at my keyboard. i can see straight. i do not feel 'drunk'.

ughhh... and i hate to say this, b/c tucker max uses it, but when i say 'i'm not drunk', i mean i'm not 'taylor grant drunk'. and bitch please, i know all of you know what this looks like (i.e. saturday night/my life).

a friend of mine and i are speaking of putting a still in my basement:

drunk friend: you need some o' the 'shine.
drunk friend: we start our own still, Taylor, and we'll both be dead in six months, and likely take our friends with us. lol
me: i am so in

i want and hope this to be me and friends.

anyway, back to the emergency. i need a way to lower my tolerance. and i swear, if i get phone calls/texts/wtfever and any of you fools say 'stop drinking so much', you will not get a positive response.

thanks in advance.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Soup and chaos!

Last night for Corries soupruary. Incredible as usual. Then nst where Aileen fed me shots and PBR. Somehow 7 beers and multiple shots = $6!!! Holler!

- unknown amount of wine
- 7 PBRs
- some amount of vodka
- who knows what shots I did

- blacked out like a maniac

- woke up feeling like deathtown

Saturday, February 28, 2009

really really

base gallery. ex asked me why i was going thru cabinets. said i shouldnt. talked. nothing really new came out of this, of course. grammars. c&d. dance dance dance.

- unknown amount of PBR
- some amount of wine
- some amount of vodka

- blacked out

- woke up on the couch

Friday, February 27, 2009

tim fite

i did nothing except drink in my PJs with friends, until nst. where we saw tim fite play. and i sat on laps acted a fool.

- 6 PBRs
- some amount of vodka
- unknown amount of wine

- flashes of recognition

- woke up at 11am thinking it was 8am...

Thursday, February 26, 2009

busy busy

dog park/soccer/hockey. my body hurts.

- some amount of wine
- 4 PBRs
- some more wine
- coffee/jameson

- did not black out

- woke up early and feeling fantastic

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

fat tuesday @ cubby's

we had an amazing dinner. and drank a lot of wine. and then i was up until 530am on the phone with andria (who is in miami). we laughed and i drank until i couldnt see.

- unknown amount of wine
- 2 vodka/soda

- blacked out

- woke up to my alarm that i set for my hair appt!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


corrie made soup. we drank. we laughed. i couldn't get to sleep until 4am. i woke up at 7am... forced myself back to sleep with xanax.

- unknown amount of wine

- flashes of recognition

- tossed/turned and woke up tangled in my blankets

Monday, February 23, 2009

but i'm fractured from the fall.

i spent yesterday with friends in the AM. then family in the PM. then friends late night. then still ended up confused at the end of the night, drinking wine and 'whining' to stephen. srsly confused about why i felt the way i did. dumbtown.

- 1 new castle
- 1 stella
- unknown amount of wine

- flashes of recognition to the mighty boosh

- woke up still wondering what is wrong with me...

Sunday, February 22, 2009


pajama party at adams. i braided evey and ashleys hair. i swung a giant sword at some point. i fell asleep on the couch and ashley removed my glasses for me. but she totally failed to see that i had a giant jar of wine in my hands. i woke up soaked in wine this morning. holler.

- unknown amount of wine

- flashes of recognition

- woke up drenched and smelling like a winery on a couch at adams

Saturday, February 21, 2009

rly rly.

house party at andrias. played records. drank too much. kyle, michele, emily and i got back to kyles at 530am. i think. i was up until 7am. i think.

- 2 bottles of wine
- drunk from bottles of wild turkey and jack daniels (at one point i had one in each hand)
- who knows wtf else

- blacked out, but then came to around the time we left andrias

- woke up on the floor at kyles. he made french toast for everyone. i refused to eat it. end.

Friday, February 20, 2009

zomg. wtf happened? soup was amazingtown at corries. 3 ppl drank an entire box of wine... oh, and then we got sushi and drank sake. oh and then josh washed some glasses and we drank red wine.

- unknown amount of wine
- 1 vase of sake

- blacked out x10

- woke up on corries floor confused as fuck

Thursday, February 19, 2009

aqua idiots:

table of 9. $7 beer is not right. 1/2 price sushi is. win.

- 1 sapporo
- 1 flask of jameson
- 1 vodka/oj
- maybe 6 glasses of wine?

- did not black out

- fell asleep watching planet earth and woke up to some bible tv show...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

have i been drinking that much?

maybe? tough to answer. the weekend was blackout central. monday and tuesday? didn't even drink that much. and i was very surprised by the lack of shakes/cold sweats. interesting.

however, last night:

- unknown amount vodka/oj
(which in turn, made me from going to sick to slightly better)

- flashes of recognition

- went to sleep holding a body pillow/woke up holding a body pillow... strange.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

long evening:

bennett and i ran around to three different restaurants last evening:
we had drinks at molly malones, drank a bottle of red wine at bella luna and then food at terrys turf. after dinner, we picked up charlie and came back here to watch slumdog. i fell asleep of course.

- 1 stella
- 1/2 bottle of red wine
- unknown amount of vodka

- did not blackout

- woke up smiling due to the sunshine outside my window.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

i need to stop drinking liter glasses of oj/vodka... i spilled it all over my bed last night.

- massive amount of oj/vodka

- blacked out

- woke up covered in that gd drink

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

mac + cheese monday

- liters of oj/vodka
- unknown amount of vodka

- blacked out

- again, awoke at some point with my glasses half on.

Monday, February 9, 2009

"im going to come stay a few days there and collect myself. and by collect myself, i mean drink."

i spent a long time talking about running a farm with someone last night. and then i spilled wine all over my floor.

- unknown amount of wine

- flashes of recognition

- woke up in bed w/my glasses on and one lens missing. ha.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

stop triffling. i parlay.

like srsly? wtf. i don't even know what to say. there are only a few things that i know:

i said the word 'parlay' about a thousand times. totally the word of the night.
soupruary at corries was so awesome. amazing food.
dmf was stupidfest 2009. which wtf ever to all of that.
i spit on your grave, Feb 7th.

- unknown amount of wine
- unknown amount of pbr
- shots of vodka

- flashes of recognition. then blacked out at the end of the night (i tried and tried. and failed until the very end).

- woke up to my alarm that someone made me set for 730am.

important sidenote: i had taken off corrie's necklace for the first time in 4 months on friday. i had a gun pulled on me friday evening and then a ridic night on saturday. i put it back on today, in hopes that the weekend was this stupid due to me not wearing it.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

i felt like i was in a movie...

so we had ppl over last night and then moved everything to grammars. this is where i ran into someone i havent seen in 5 years.

he decided to push me into the bar and walk 10ft away from me. i walked over and asked what the hell was going on and that he should let all this hate go. i mean, its been forever. so then, he flashes his handgun at me. srsly. i laughed and said 'fucking shoot me. do it.' a few times.

he was going bananas in his mind, and for a moment i was wondering if i was going to be shot at grammars by some fuck. but then he ninja kicked me in the chest and ran out of the bar!

so i bounced back up, shook it off, talked to the boys behind the bar and drank some more.

oh. and you're no longer welcome at grammars, bitch.

- unknown amount of oj/vodka
- some amount of pbr

- blacked out

- woke up laughing about last night and feeling fantastic.

Friday, February 6, 2009

a week has passed:

and i no longer have a job. how about that? am i upset? not really. enjoying my time off before i start looking for a job. drinking? yes. being responsible? not at all. getting awesome? absolutely.

- i have drank a lot this week, yes.

- i haven't blacked out that often (as far as i remember).

- i've been sleeping in my bed; waking up happy.

Friday, January 30, 2009

wine when i walked in the door

- unknown amount of wine

- blacked out

- awoke on the couch @ 4am and crawled to my bed

Thursday, January 29, 2009

as much as i hate the cold/snow/ice, i love not going to work.

kris and i stayed home and watched all the snow/ice continue to make a mess.

- 1 sparks
- some amount of whiskey/oj
- unknown amount of wine

- flashes of recognition

- woke up tired, wanting more sleepy snow days.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

the weather started.

it took 1hr to get home from work yesterday. mainly b/c where i work, never lets anyone leave early. not awesome. at all.

but then i ran around threw snow at ppl and at cars.

- some amount of vodka/oj
- ran out of vodka and drunk unknown amount of whiskey/vodka

- flashes of recognition

- woke up and watched kate scrape ice off of her car why i threw snow at her. then i decided to stay home, due to a level 3 snow emergency.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

stupid weather. stupid cold.

- unknown amount of vodka/oj

- did not black out

- woke up at 5am and looked outside to this ridiculous snow. and then drove to work even though i couldn't see any lines on the fucking road or highway.

Monday, January 26, 2009

and the drinking started at 10am

ej, cubs, kris and i continued the drinking from the previous night early. somehow after brunch, we ended up at a liquor store all buying things. the item i purchased was 'kush', something lil wayne drinks. ha.

- 1/2 bottle of kush
- 2 sparks
- unknown amount of vodka/oj

- did not black out

- awoke hitting snooze a milli times, and mad that the work week has restarted...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

boys day/night

i drank an entire bottle of tequila. wtf...

- 1 bottle of tequila/margarita mix
- 1 sparks
- some amount of vodka/oj
- whiskey at some point
- i'm sure other alcohol was in there

- blacked out

- woke up feeling fantastic and rdy for brunch.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

c&d dance

sleep @ 4am. awake @ 8am. typical.

- unknown amount of beer
- unknown amount of vodka/oj
- 2 sparks

- flashes of recognition

- woke up thinking i had to work, but then poured a drink knowing that i had the day free.

Friday, January 23, 2009

lazy evening.

"time to get up, gyp."
"i'm getting breakfast w/kat..."
"i hate you."

someone from work saw sparks at a gas station, bought it and brought it to work for me. ace.

- some amount of wine
- 1 beer
- 1 sparks
- unknown amount of whiskey

- flashes of recognition

- kate was my alarm due to my phone being an idiot.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

LOST party @ Adams

someone talked to me about my 'drinking' this morning.
"you're going to crash."
"into the ground."
and here i was thinking i would derail...

- 1 sparks
- unknown amount of whiskey
- *adam just reminded me that i drank champagne. ha

- blacked out

- woke up at 5am AGAIN. wtf...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


kris and i have some kind of sickness and we both stayed home from work yesterday. i made the executive decision to drink whiskey to cure myself.

later in the evening, i attended the blue ball at nst and shared my beer with ppl to pass on germs. i'm such a gentleman.

- 4 glasses of whiskey
- 2 sparks
- 3 beers

- did not black out

- woke up at 5am due to nightmares... again.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

there is a bailey's with ice in the freezer...

Howard: "Where am I?"

Old Gregg: "Gregg's place. You've been asleep. Do you want a little drinky? I'll get you a drink. You like Bailey's? Mmmm... creamy. Soft, creamy beige."

yeah, we called a bar in minneapolis to get their 'secret' irishtini recipe. turns out it was 1 part baileys/1 part jameson. real hard, i know. we doubled the whiskey of course.

- 2 glasses of whiskey
- 4 vodka/oj
- 2 vodka tonics
- irishtini (bailey's/jameson)

- flashes of recognition

- woke up on my floor... i blame all of this on old gregg.

Monday, January 19, 2009

breathing whiskey:

wake to basil hayden. repeat into the evening.

- unknown amount of basil hayden bourbon (buy it if you haven't had it before)
- 2 glasses of wine
- 2 beers
- a large amount of vodka/oj

- flashes of recognition (towards the evening)

- awoke twisted in my blankets.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

ex/drink/daap party

cancel hair appt. meet with ex for the first time in months. pick tony up. party source. drink with friends. nap. wake. drink. daap party. take tony home.

- unknown amount of whiskey
- 6 sparks
- some amount of wine was in there...

- flashes of recognition

- awoke from a terrible dream, shaking my head to get out of it

Saturday, January 17, 2009

crazy fox tired

- unknown amount of sparks
- unknown amount of wine

- blacked out

- passed out on our couch with people over

Friday, January 16, 2009

gypsy potluck

lots of gypsies. lots of food. lots of alcohol. i ended the night drinking wine out the bottle in my bed.

- 1 sparks
- unknown amount of wine

- flashes of recognition

- awoke and searched for my knit hat forever. and failed.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

tony & kat

'what's she taste like?'

- 1 sparks
- unknown amount of vodka/oj
- some amount of wine

- flashes of recognition

- woke up with 3hrs of sleep

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

black out before midnight

"did i act a fool last night?" asked person 1.
"i have no idea. i blacked out before midnight." answered person 2.
"so did i..." responded person 1.


- unknown amount of vodka/oj/champagne

- blacked out

- awoke like 10x (the blanket kept getting stolen)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

24hr flu

- unknown amount of wine
- 2 or 3 vodka/oj

- flashes of recognition

- awoke sick as fuck in my bed

Monday, January 12, 2009

Chaos since the move...

Really haven't been updating bc of the move, but I can assure you: I have been a fucking drunk mess since the last update. No sober day, lots of parties/blackouts, gypsies all over the fucking place and no sleep.

In the most terrible of news, Sparks in now out of production 4realz (as of Jan 10th, 2009). Tragic loss. It is still available for us in some locations in the tri-state, but will soon be gone. I have stocked my fridge and will continue to until it is no where in sight.

<3 u, Sparks. Don't miss ur face yet, bc u live in my fridge atm.

And the update from last nights trainwreck:

- unknown amount of vodka/oj
- 2 glasses of wine

- did not black out

- awoke in my bed a horrible mess, with a sinus infection. gratz.

Friday, January 2, 2009

lazy evening

- unknown amount of wine

- flashes of recognition

- woke up on the couch in the living room

Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 is mine!

- unknown amount of everything on the planet that has the word 'alcohol' in it

- blacked the fuck out

- woke up on a couch in Jon's studio