Saturday, February 7, 2009

i felt like i was in a movie...

so we had ppl over last night and then moved everything to grammars. this is where i ran into someone i havent seen in 5 years.

he decided to push me into the bar and walk 10ft away from me. i walked over and asked what the hell was going on and that he should let all this hate go. i mean, its been forever. so then, he flashes his handgun at me. srsly. i laughed and said 'fucking shoot me. do it.' a few times.

he was going bananas in his mind, and for a moment i was wondering if i was going to be shot at grammars by some fuck. but then he ninja kicked me in the chest and ran out of the bar!

so i bounced back up, shook it off, talked to the boys behind the bar and drank some more.

oh. and you're no longer welcome at grammars, bitch.

- unknown amount of oj/vodka
- some amount of pbr

- blacked out

- woke up laughing about last night and feeling fantastic.

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