Sunday, February 8, 2009

stop triffling. i parlay.

like srsly? wtf. i don't even know what to say. there are only a few things that i know:

i said the word 'parlay' about a thousand times. totally the word of the night.
soupruary at corries was so awesome. amazing food.
dmf was stupidfest 2009. which wtf ever to all of that.
i spit on your grave, Feb 7th.

- unknown amount of wine
- unknown amount of pbr
- shots of vodka

- flashes of recognition. then blacked out at the end of the night (i tried and tried. and failed until the very end).

- woke up to my alarm that someone made me set for 730am.

important sidenote: i had taken off corrie's necklace for the first time in 4 months on friday. i had a gun pulled on me friday evening and then a ridic night on saturday. i put it back on today, in hopes that the weekend was this stupid due to me not wearing it.

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