Monday, January 12, 2009

Chaos since the move...

Really haven't been updating bc of the move, but I can assure you: I have been a fucking drunk mess since the last update. No sober day, lots of parties/blackouts, gypsies all over the fucking place and no sleep.

In the most terrible of news, Sparks in now out of production 4realz (as of Jan 10th, 2009). Tragic loss. It is still available for us in some locations in the tri-state, but will soon be gone. I have stocked my fridge and will continue to until it is no where in sight.

<3 u, Sparks. Don't miss ur face yet, bc u live in my fridge atm.

And the update from last nights trainwreck:

- unknown amount of vodka/oj
- 2 glasses of wine

- did not black out

- awoke in my bed a horrible mess, with a sinus infection. gratz.

1 comment:

scout said...

i'm glad you're back, i was sort of worried you'd maybe drunk yourself to death for a while there.