Friday, March 6, 2009

dog parks for singles?

Like wtf? I went to the dog park with Fancy and we got fancy together. It's srsly like a singles mixer there. So dumb. 3 cases:

a) One girl told me she looked like the pug that won the dog show on tv.
My response: 'Yes, shes beautiful. Come on, Fancy.'

b) Another girl came up to me after I made the point to get away from all of that business. She proceeded to tell me she came over to me to talk b/c her dog was getting scared of others. And then wouldn't shut up. This is when I left.

c) Then on my way out? Some marshmallow bitch was like 'Is she growling or breathing?'
My response: 'She is breathing... come on, Fancy.'

Go to the dog park if you want to be harassed. Or take a friend that is the opposite sex and call them your significant other.

As far as drinking? I took it easy. On purpose. Crazy, right?

- a few glasses of wine
- 1 vodka/oj

- did not black out

- woke up happy!

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