Monday, March 30, 2009



no drinks. all day. zero. nil. none.

on purpose.

i had spoke to jamie about my 'problem' and asked her how long she wanted me to live...

so i drank water and watched three documentaries with her.

- i drank nothing

- did not black out

- woke up happy, sober and with no hangover.

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Stacey Gunckle said...

After the depressive, endlessly boring disaster that was last winter, I think we all deserve a reprieve. I'm glad we met, you seem to be a kindred spirit and so I'm glad that you've found a good girl and life is looking up for you. Drinking is like a hobby, it's something to turn to out of boredom and/or despair (and it also has a vague whiff of glamour), but I've found that hobby made it harder to keep a sort of velocity going in life. At the same time it's also hard to find worthwhile things and people to fill up the days. So I'm glad you've found a real womanz and I look forward to meeting her and actually leaving middletown and creating havoc with our posse this summer!