Sunday, March 8, 2009

72hr relationships.

this weekend was pretty brilliant. jacobs birthday. bad veins. bockfest. dmf. developed a 72hr relationship with someone from manhattan who kept my drinking in line by saying 'do NOT blackout, taylor'.

and i didn't blackout once this weekend. wtf, right? there were so many fucking amazing quotes (one clearly listed above), that it's hard to choose.

Adam B at the cookout trying to describe 'river' in catchphrase:
'it's long and wet!'... yeah.

Charlie in the car last night, observing a Argosy Casino billboard that had cars on it:
'Argosy Casino? let's go get some new cars guys. congratulations? 2 year lease? alright!'

Adam M describing me after a long Saturday morning/afternoon of getting smashed:
'Hi, my name is Taylor Grant. I behave well.'

- i drank a lot. of everything. but a lot of wine. duh.

- did not black out.

- woke up on floors/couches/beds/air mattresses. but slept about 7hrs the whole gd weekend.

au revoir for now, 72hrs...

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