Monday, March 2, 2009


this is the first post that has nothing to do with the previous nights derailing, but as stated: this is an emergency.

i have drank an entire bottle of vodka today. i am not 'that' drunk. i'm sitting here at my keyboard. i can see straight. i do not feel 'drunk'.

ughhh... and i hate to say this, b/c tucker max uses it, but when i say 'i'm not drunk', i mean i'm not 'taylor grant drunk'. and bitch please, i know all of you know what this looks like (i.e. saturday night/my life).

a friend of mine and i are speaking of putting a still in my basement:

drunk friend: you need some o' the 'shine.
drunk friend: we start our own still, Taylor, and we'll both be dead in six months, and likely take our friends with us. lol
me: i am so in

i want and hope this to be me and friends.

anyway, back to the emergency. i need a way to lower my tolerance. and i swear, if i get phone calls/texts/wtfever and any of you fools say 'stop drinking so much', you will not get a positive response.

thanks in advance.

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coco said...

if you drink straight moonshine you'll definitely have a lower tolerance volume-wise.

or you could just stop eating.

i recommend neither of these options.

here's a good idea: hang out with me more.